removing stains nubuck bmw z1

Remove stains / spots on BMW Z1 nubuck
I recommend to brush and care for the nubuck regularly – this could be every 3-6 months
or everytime you discover something irregular (driving thru the rain could leave some marks on it).
nubuck brush (synth/messing) suedeMy favorite is this brush
with synthetic and brass wire – also fit’s in the center console

If you did’nt used such a brush or anything else before, you have to brush the whole area
if you just brush a little spot, it’ll become lighter than the rest and it could look like a new, worse spot.
On Nubuck surfaces (smooth leather as well) this could happen every time if you only use a tool or liquid etc.
on a small spot – the reason why most manufacturer tell “from seam to seam”…
Using this brush is a so called “dry cleaning” – you could use brushes, sanding papers, sanding pads,
sanding fleece, erasors etc. – dry cleaning is the first choice on sensitive nubuck surfaces.


Nubuck erasor brass brush non woven web (abrasive fleece)
Nubuck and Suede erasor nubuk brass brush non woven web

If this doesn’t work well enough, you also could try a vinegar mixture (1 part vinegar and 1 part water, or 1 part
vinegar essence (25% acid) with 4 parts water) – wet a cloth with it, wring it out, wipe the whole nubuck part.
*always test on a hidden area*
Let it dry by itself – don’t try this in the blazing sun or when it’s too cold (below 15°C) – take a small break and when it’s dried, take your favorite tool to set up the fibres again.
This will normally work on harmless spots for e.g. raindrops, old harmless liquids. Normally it won’t work for fatty stains (try special leather cleaning spirit, degreaser spray). Often those steps help to prepare for later work – some flattened areas can then be sanded better.
Aniline, Suede & Nubuck Protector 400 ml sprayIt’s also possible to wipe the whole nubuck with other liquid cleaners – but be carefull: it’s also possible to pull up old spots. But, with very few exceptions, we mostly achieved an improvement